Product Partners

PRC-DeSoto Products

Aircraft fuel tank, fuselage, windshield, conductive and specialty sealants Industrial sealants and adhesives

Semco® Packaging and Application Systems

Innovative, clean, safe, and accurate packaging and dispensing solutions for single-and multi-component adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, coatings and lubricants

RPM Technology

Products for the removal of polysulfide (fuel tank) sealants and silicone sealants

eOx Cleaners

Aqueous based aircraft and industrial cleaners

Sealant Removal Wipes

Water wetted wipes for the removal of uncured sealants and adhesives

Glue Dots

Removable adhesive dots in a convenient dispenser box

Cured Aircraft Sealant Removal

RPM Technology, LLC PolyGone 300-AG fully removes cured polysulfide sealant (PRC, Flamemaster, AC-Tech) material from aircraft structures and components. PolyGone 300-AG is available in both liquid and gel formulations. The liquid product is designed for parts that can be immersed in the liquid such as, fasteners, Clecos, and access panels. The gel is suited for parts that cannot be immersed, vertical surfaces, inverted surfaces, or while inside a fuel tank.

RPM Technology, LLC also has a line of PolyScrapers for removing aircraft sealants.


PolyScrapers are offered individually or in a convenient canvas pouch that keeps them organized & ready to use. Features & Benefits:

  • Flared handle for increased comfort
  • Side finger depressions for added stability
  • Multiple tips for optimum performance in each situation
  • Convenient canvas carrying pouch for easy access and storage

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